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Aldo Arias
Aldo Arias
Aldo testing the limits of a hangover.
Born Aug 2, 1981 (age 33)
Palos Heights, Illinois
Occupation Creative Director / Writer

Aldo Daniel Arias (born August 2, 1981) is a creative director writer in New York City. Having spent most of his life in Texas, Aldo received his undergraduate and post-graduate degrees from Texas A&M and the University of Texas respectively. Upon graduation, Aldo relocated to New York only to be selected as a Bill Bernbach Minority Scholar and subsequently offered a job at DDB Chicago. After 2 years in Chicago, he headed back to NYC.



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    Aldo Arias was born in 1981 in Palos Heights, Illinois, the only child of Miguel Arias and Liliana Rico. His father, originally immigrating from Mexico as migrant farmer, and his mother, a native Honduran attending college abroad when the two met, relocated to Dallas, Texas when Aldo was still an infant. He would go on to spend most of his years in Texas, resulting in his use of regional colloquialisms one might not expect from someone of his educational background.

    Childhood and education

    Aldo attended the Cistercian Preparatory School, where he quickly established himself as a trouble-maker and often found himself seated in the front row of the class. However, despite his own efforts, he graduated from Cistercian a well-rounded and scholarly young gentleman, well on his way to becoming an overeducated young professional.

    From there he went on to Texas A&M University, where he majored in Journalism. Realizing that Journalism lacked the challenges and opportunity for creative that he needed (as did Texas A&M, in general), Aldo was quick to enroll at the University of Texas upon completion of his B.A.

    Living and studying advertising in Austin, it quickly became apparent that Aldo had finally discovered a career that suited him. From the delving into the psyche of an audience to developing insightful, entertaining, and effective creative, advertising was a godsend. Even its frantic pace and sadistic deadlines seemed tailored just to keep Aldo on his toes and well out of boredom. He would go on to graduate with his M.A. in 2006.


    After spending 2 years interning at GSD&M while completing his Master's, Aldo moved to New York City only to find a job in Chicago. Actually, it was the job that found him. While still at the University of Texas, Aldo had entered the Bill Bernbach Minority Scholarship competition. Unfortunately, it was not until after his New York relocation that he was informed of his status as recipient of the honor and requisite position awaiting him at DDB Chicago.

    After 2 years of brutal winters, rabid bicycling, and maniacal dancing, Aldo made his way back to New York in search of a real challenge. He found it in the form of the worst economic recession since the Great Depression. He made use of his newfound time between jobs to explore video editing, animation, study Muay Thai, Judo, and even brush up on his Spanish a little.

    Next came a 7 month stint at mcgarrybowen, working on Chase Community Giving and Chevron, Aldo was back on track. After much freelancing and intrigued by the proposition of combing digital and experiential, he accepted a position at Momentum NY. After 2 years there, he's back to his old tricks, making a name for himself as a freelancer. His recent accounts include: Lord & Taylor and a number of top secret pitches.



    Nike: Vapor Cleat

    Video content for digital and broadcast






















    American Express: US Open Tennis

    Digital / social integatred experiential

    magnifying symbol






















    Bud Light Music First: 50/50/1

    Digital / social integatred nationwide concert series


    Bose ad

    magnifying symbol
    AD: Kristen Curtis





























































































    Central Park Conservancy

    GPS-enabled mobile app

    CCG pages CCG pagesCCG pages
    AD: Marnin Schwartz


    Chase Community Giving

    CCG pages CCG pages
    AD: Melissa Ditson, Spencer Hansen, Laz Marquez


    American Express: U.S. Open Golf

    Digital / social integatred Experiential






















    Air America

    Award-winning student campaign

    Air America ad Air America ad Air America ad
    AD: Shaun Bruce



























    State Farm and Midas


    AD: DJ Webb, Jim Nawrocki

    Client: State Farm
    Agency: DDB, Chicago
    Art Director: DJ Webb, Jim Nawrocki

    Client: Midas
    Agency: DDB, Chicago
    Art Director: DJ Webb, Jim Nawrocki





    Bicycle Safety PSA

    Competition winning independent project

    AD: Pam Tietze

    "Lights Turn Heads"

    Wrote it, shot it, starred in it

















    ALdo's resume









































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